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Young plants of berries

For those who want a different offer!

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A diverse offer

The brochure for young small-fruit plants is voluntary diverse to satisfy those who like us, think that other small-fruits can have an important place in orchards as in gardens.

Young organic farming certified plants

In order to respond and satisfy to the new demands of young plants which are certified by organic farming, we have optimized our cultural cycle and improved the traceability of the mother plant to the young plant. Demands are developing and so are we.

For nursery professionals and fruit growers

Our young plants are destined to producers of small-fruits in Europe but also to nursery professionals who would like to sell professional quality plants.

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Producers and propagator's of young certified organic berries plants

Propagate nursery

The guaranty of identified plants

By mastering the propagation of different verities of berries, the nursery is reliable having a variety of choices that we offer. By refusing any sort of plant trade, we offer plants whose characteristics and origins are known.

In some instances, we respond to the demands of certain producers by combining their plants with plants from our large variety which are available in our catalogue.


Some Fingertips

Producers’ experiences are in our catalogue!


A helpful catalogue

The illustrated catalogue offers many techniques, a variety of specialized descriptions, and a many technical photos. These descriptions are inspired by numerous experiences from producers and also from firsthand observations while on the ground.

Our digital catalogue is available for download by clicking the link below.

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Numerous varieties of berries tested

Less chance of risks

This varietal offer is becoming lesser diverse and the origin of plants more uncertain. The similarities are clear between the descriptions of each variety and they are also captivating. As is the case for many, in order to distinguish this, the experience has to do with whether or not a variety is relevant.

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On the field testing

The best result is that from plant producers and from the fruit themselves. We have taken the liberty of giving some plants new varieties in order to have them tested by those, local producers, who are eligible in giving us the best objective criticism from an agronomic as well as a gustative approach.

Here, in our database, the varieties that we have already tasted and savored and furthermore analyzed not to mention the many others to be tested on the ground.

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Tasting profiles for comparison purposes

Presently, it is necessary to rethink and define the tools developed for comparison for a better comprehension and bring to light the differences. With a growing number of many new varieties, it has become a challenge to guide our choices.

With this gustative tasting profile with the use of a radar chart, we are now privileged with an instrument which allows us to judge and decide clearly on the choice of qualities.

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ORAC index – an idea of antioxidant activity

The ORAC Index (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a value which gives an idea of antioxidant activity. The greater the number is the more the capacity.

ORAC informs on the necessity of fruit with regards to our health but cannot be considered as a reference in the production – this value is always linked to the production environment and growing conditions.

Additional services

Our signature

For us, as it is also for you who are close to the field, we are aware that identifying plants on plots is a major preoccupation which is secured by traceability and quality. Since we are aware of labeling standards, we offer for every 25 plants ordered by the same variety an engraved plaque with the name and year of plantation. It is important to us since it is our service.

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Accompany, another kind of nature

Plans to go further

Innovative plans require at times more than just a plant and it is necessary to satisfy these feedback experiences by answering questions and to solving problems. We actively participate everywhere in original projects associated in the latest fields.